20 reasons why you are the inventor of Anna in your group of friends


Do you want to know if you look like Anna Delvey from Invent Anna on Netflix?

After binge-watching Invent Anna, I said to myself, How am I like Anna Delvey (portrayed by Julia Garner)?

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For context, hate-loving con artist Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin) tricked New York’s elite into thinking she was a German heiress. She mimicked all the worst traits of the rich and famous.

What if I broke down all the reasons why someone might actually be the Invent Anna of their group of friends? It takes a willful and confident person to look at themselves carefully and face the truth.

If I want to get to the bottom of things, I’m not going to fall alone. You could be the Anna Delvey in your friend group, whether you like it or not. Do me a favor, and let’s unpack the reasons together.


You are super connected.

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Anna Delvey knew everyone in New York, from the evil “Pharma Bro” to the “Fyre Fest guy.” Likewise, your little black book is full of the biggest names. You know everyone, including your ex who only talks about crypto, the neighbor who is an influencer mom, and the pretty shift manager at the bank’s Starbucks.


You borrowed your best friend’s outfit and never returned it.

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Netflix Anna’s wardrobe was something new, something borrowed, and something stolen from her Manhattan socialite friend, Nora Radford. In your world, it’s not like the outfits you borrow fit your friends now that they’ve gained so much weight. Everyone knows they were headed for a better home when you picked up 15 outfits in a week.


Your intimate relationships are tragic love stories.

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Anna didn’t have the best love life because someone was insincere in the end. You know, it’s not easy to have a lot of things to manage. People can’t handle everything you have to offer. It may seem like your relationship ended in shambles to the public. We know the real tragedy is that you wasted your time with another loser.


You make friends with everyone.

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Anna accumulated friends, colleagues and targets as if they were Pokemon maps. Likewise, no one is too big or too small to join your circle. The cops handing you the 25th parking ticket and the judge yelling at you all want the same thing: to be your best friend.


You over-promise and under-deliver.

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Anna Sorokin was a master at embellishing the truth. No one is sure what they really want, so it’s in your best interest to promise the bare minimum. When you barely skate with minimal results, the world is completely impressed. When you are fundamentally royal, your time and energy are precious.


You never miss a fashion moment.


Anna had a fashion stylist for her appointments at court. You know there’s a chance a paparazzo might accidentally take your picture behind Donatella Versace’s second assistant in line at the Container Store. You must always be on because the world is a stage and you are the main performer.


You avoid therapy.


Anna was absolutely dealing with some level of delusion. It would take an entire repertoire for licensed therapists to crack your complex intellect. No one will cash you in front of a psychiatrist’s office unless it’s an episode of Dr Phil launch your problematic rap career.


You never leave your friends alone.

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Anna exceeded her welcome every chance she got. Luckily, it’s a shame that your friends and admirers often have to walk away from you after you’ve slept free on their couch for 3-5 months. They don’t have to worry. You’ll still be 10 missed phone calls, 5 voicemails, and 2 unread emails away.


Your friends are success stories because they are your friends.

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After surviving a $62,000 debt, Anna’s ex-girlfriend Rachel DeLoache was on the hook. As soon as you bless someone with a friend request, they see an increase in their likeability. Convince them to spend all their savings on a trip to your chosen destination, and they’ll rise to the top. Your friends are famous by proxy and they owe you all their winnings.


You borrowed obscene money from family, friends and credit unions.

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In Anna’s case, she borrowed a bit too much with no intention of paying it back. For you, it always starts with a simple loan, but big visions and even bigger dreams cost money. A few credit cards max, a seized house, two seized cars, and a mobster chasing you are all worth it.


You are the most generous person you know.

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Anna Sorokin was always willing to pay if her credit card actually worked. You don’t have to worry about waiting for birthdays or Christmas to give your admirers an extravagant gift. Placing them in your debt in the early stages guarantees a loyal and lasting friendship.


You are always the topic of conversation.

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Imagine lying to the world and getting media coverage and a Netflix deal? Likewise, the world cannot keep your name out of its mouth. It’s always “OMG, I can’t believe” or “Did you hear?” Everyone is obsessed with you, and they just want to be you, or they’re in love and want to be with you.


You can cry to get out of any situation.

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Every time Anna was nearly exposed, she burst into tears. You are something like an empath. This is how you were designed. Suppose others can tap into your high-level emotional intelligence and understand that you are a decent person deep down inside. In this case, you will not interfere with the synergy, and all is forgiven.


You have big dreams and bigger ideas.

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The Anna Delvey Foundation would seem like a fantastic idea if it wasn’t a complete scam. People need to know that you are taking action to build an empire and be the ultimate change you wish to see. Nobody understands how much work and how busy you are, a businessman and a very smart innovator.


Your wardrobe is outside your tax bracket.

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Anna obviously didn’t have the money to deck herself out in designer clothes every day. You know it costs money to look this good. Visiting your local fashion house every day is more important than a doctor. A $2,000 a day purse keeps “broken ass” away. Shopping is an essential part of your diet.


You know how to take control of the story.

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Anna’s famous fitness instructor, Kacy Duke, was a great motivator to get your time back. The road to the top is paved with a lot of haters. If you let them speak for you, your name will be tarnished. Take control of the story and speak your truth even though it may seem unbelievable to almost everyone, including your parents.


There’s always time for an Instagram photoshoot.

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Anna and her friends had a very strong social media presence. With a filter, a carefully curated caption, and an original hashtag, life is better. A night out with the girls can’t be complete without standing with one hand on your hip and holding a peace sign with the other.


You have a big mouth and need to set foot in it.

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Anna has never been one to keep quiet. Somebody has to say it. We can’t let our associates and friends look like fools. Some people will say that’s a bit harsh, and others will call you a bully. At the end of the day, when they’re done crying, they’ll appreciate your brutal honesty.


You can’t tell the difference between your rides or your deaths or your enemies.

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It didn’t take long to convince Anna’s old associates to spill the tea. There’s a fine line between love and hate and an even thinner line between your friends and your enemies. With this knowledge, your strengths could betray you at any given move, so you treat them all equally.


You always walk on the right side of a major flaw.

If you can relate to anything on this list, maybe you’re not like Invent Anna at all. You could be worse!


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