A new group of SCAD alumni will focus on raising resources for students of color


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – SCAD’s newest alumni group provides a one-of-a-kind resource for students and future grads of color. The Black Alumni Coalition was launched in February.

On Friday, WSAV sat down with the group’s president to talk about their new mission.

“We’re here to help you grow and thrive and not feel alone on your journey,” said Latrica “Trish” Brown, President of SCAD’s Black Alumni Coalition.

Not only is Brown the president of the new coalition, but she’s also a local designer and image consultant. The 2009 graduate says her experience there was wonderful, but she and her colleagues saw the need for something more.

“So we just felt like as black alumni of SCAD, we knew a lot of pain points, and we knew what the experience was like for us and some of the things that we encountered, not only to scad but when we left SCAD,” Brown mentioned.

The black elders started meeting, mostly on zoom, in 2021, and officially launched the group in January 2022.

“The entire mission of the SCAD Black Alumni Coalition is to create a global, lifelong partnership and community of black SCAD alumni,” Brown said.

They do this through networking events in Savannah and Atlanta, bringing together black and brown creatives to provide mentorship to current and future alumni.

“We need graduates who are preparing to graduate to enroll. we have mentors available to answer questions and help you with your portfolio,” says Brown. “So we really want to make sure the experience gets better and better for black SCAD creators.”

Above all, the Black Alumni Coalition aims to create spaces where black and brown artists won’t have to water down their vision, as they launch promising careers.

“Most people don’t see the goal until it’s been achieved,” Brown said. “And so, be patient with yourself and give yourself grace.”


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