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Financial penalties, family health problems, increased school fees … Whatever the case, it is normal to need extra financial help. Currently, there are several types of credit and certainly one of the most sought after payroll deductible credit.

But before applying for any kind of loan, you need to be sure if it is really necessary. Next, you will understand how paycheck credit works and learn to assess whether it is your only alternative.

Online loans direct lenders: bad credit doesn’t have to be a roadblock

Which is?

It is a type of loan granted to workers of public, private, or INSS beneficiaries. Benefit amounts are deducted directly from the payroll or the citizen’s pension benefit. Online loans direct lenders, even for people with bad credit at is a type of credit that usually includes lower interest rates and can be split into more installments.

Why can not it be more advantageous than other types of loans?

The direct payroll discount allows the financial institution to have more of what it will receive. With this practically automatic collection, in some cases, it is possible to lend even to people with a negative name. This security makes interest on this credit one of the lowest in the market, making it easy to swap expensive debts for cheap debts.

Now you are ready to make your decision. But remember that once you get rid of outstanding bills you will have a benefit that will consume a significant portion of your salary. Therefore, schedule to repay installments and, if possible, anticipate them, which will further reduce final interest. Reorganize your financial life so that it does not recur in the future: although it is easy to hire the very best is to have cash in the box to live in peace of mind.

I do not have the money to pay the bills now?

First of all very calm. The attitude to be taken is to write down all bills that have not yet been paid, as well as debts, card bills, among others. Draw an overview of the current financial situation in a spreadsheet. Write down all your expenses and also everything you earn, your salary, extra receipts and pension (if any). Now make a sum of all the recipes and subtract the expenses. Is the account in the network? So, you really need extra money!

Identifying the problem at the beginning is very important. So you have time to work out a recovery strategy before you start paying high interest.

Step by step to the solution


It is quite possible that on the page of your internet banking there is a luminous warning of “easy” credit. Or that your attention has been sharply captured by an advertisement on pay-TV credit. But before you think about these alternatives, eliminate all other options. The tip now is: of possessing the amount needed to pay off your debts if there is less costly ways to get that money. Ask the following questions for yourself:

a) Do I have any amount invested in the bank?
b) Can I immediately reduce some expenses until the situation improves?
c) Do I get extra income that is sufficient to pay off the debt?

If the answer to all questions was not then it is time to research loan options. In fact, paycheck credit is an attractive alternative, but before you hire it, learn a little more about it.