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by Rob Brezny

RAM (March 21-April 19): I recommend that you adopt a limitation that will allow you to claim more freedom. For example, you might minimize your involvement in a lukewarm dream to free up time and energy for a passionate dream. Or you could downplay your fascination with a certain negative emotion to make more room for uplifting emotions. Other ideas? You are in a phase where increased discipline and discernment can be liberating.

BULL (April 20-May 20): “Imagining anything is the first step toward creating it,” wrote author and activist Gloria Steinem. “Believing in a true self is what allows a true self to be born,” she added. These are great meditations to focus on right now, Taurus. Now is the time for you to consider in detail a specific new situation or adventure that you would like to see manifest in the future. It’s also the perfect time to imagine a truer, deeper, and more robust version of your beautiful personality, an expanded version of your identity that you hope to give birth to in the months ahead.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Gemini author William Butler Yeats won the Nobel Prize in Literature, so I conclude he had considerable talent and wisdom. But he cultivated interests and ideas that were at odds with most other literary figures. For example, he believed that fairies are real. He was a student of occult magic. Two of his books were dictated by spirits during seances. In the weeks to come, I invite you to draw inspiration from his versatile repertoire. Welcome the knowledge in all the unusual ways it might materialize. Be willing to accept power and inspiration wherever it is offered. To inspire you, here is a quote from Yeats: “I have watched dreams and visions very carefully, and I am sure that the imagination has a way of shedding light on the truth that reason has not, and that its commandments, issued when the body is still and the reason silent, are the most binding we can ever know.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): You know what’s always good for your well-being? Helping people less fortunate and less privileged than you. To improve your health, you can also fight bigotry, campaign against animal abuse, and repair damage to the natural world. If you perform tasks like these in the coming weeks, you will increase your vigor and vitality even more than usual. You might be amazed at the power of your compassion to generate selfish benefits for yourself. Working on behalf of others will uplift and nurture you. To further motivate you, here are the inspirational words of designer Santiago Bautista: “I am in love with all the gifts in the world, and especially those meant to be enjoyed by others.”

LEO (July 23-August 22): “There is a moment in every day that Satan cannot find,” wrote author and artist William Blake. Here is how I interpret his poetic words: On a regular basis, you become relatively immune to the debilitating effects of melancholy, apathy and fear. At these times you are blessed with the freedom to be exactly who you want to be. You can satisfy your soul completely. Over the next six weeks, I suspect there will be more of these interludes for you than usual. How do you plan to use your exalted respite from Satan’s nagging?

VIRGIN (August 23-September 22): Poet Louis Little Coon Oliver (1904–1991) was a member of the Mvskoke indigenous people. He said: “I don’t waste what is wild. This might mean something different to him than it would to you, but it’s a great principle that you’ll be working with in the weeks to come. You’ll have more access to the wilderness than usual, and you might be tempted to use it casually or recklessly. I hope you instead harness all that raw mojo with precision and grace. Amazingly, being disciplined in your use of the wilderness will ensure that it enriches you to the maximum and generates powerful transformative energy.

BALANCE (Sep 23-Oct 22): I suspect you’ll have the skills of an acrobat in the weeks to come, at least metaphorically. You will be psychically agile. Your soul will have an exceptional ability to perform quick maneuvers that will keep you sane and sane. Even more than usual, you’ll have the power to adjust on the fly and adapt to changing circumstances. People you know may marvel at your flexibility. They will compliment you on your class under pressure. But I suspect the feats you accomplish may seem surprisingly easy and airy!

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): A Tumblr blogger named Af-70 has lots of advice. From his vast selection of expert advice, I’ve picked out six tips that fit your needs in the weeks ahead. Please consider the following advice. 1. “True feelings don’t change fast.” 2. “Connect deeply or not at all.” 3. “Build a relationship where you and your ally can actively participate in each other’s growth.” 4. “Sometimes what you get is better than what you wanted.” 5. “Enjoy the space between where you are and where you’re going.” 6. “Keep it real with me even if it makes us shake and twinkle.”

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Consider putting a sign on your door or a post on your social media that says something like the following: “I still have some healing to do. As I progress, I’m only halfway there. I am open to your suggestions, practical advice and suggestions for remedies that I do not know. Although the process is still incomplete, Sagittarius, I am proud of the diligence and ingenuity you have shown in seeking fixes and fixes. My only suggestions: 1. Be bold in asking for help and support. 2. Be aggressive in accessing your creativity. Expand your imagination about what might be therapeutic.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): “To find out what is hidden in my soul, it might take me a week or two,” my friend Allie told me. I told her she would be lucky if her courageous and challenging exploration required so little time. On the other hand, some people I know have spent years trying to find what is buried and lost in their souls: me, for example. There was a time in my life when I searched for over a decade to find and identify the missing treasure. According to my astrological analysis, you will soon enjoy multiple discoveries and revelations that will be more like Allie’s timeline than mine: relatively quick and complete. Be ready! To be fowarding something!

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): A Thai cook named Nattapong Kaweenuntawong uses a unique method to cook the soup served at his restaurant in Bangkok. At the end of each night, he saves the broth for the next day. He has been doing it daily for 45 years. Theoretically, there may be noodle molecules that were originally thrown into the pot in 1977. In keeping with current astrological omens, I invite you to imagine a new tradition that borrows from his approach. What experience could you start soon that would benefit you for years to come?

PISCES (February 19-March 20): Born in Pisces, Casimir Pulaski (1745–1779) was a Polish nobleman and military commander. As a young man, he fought unsuccessfully to free Poland from Russian rule. Driven into exile, he fled to America and arrived during the Revolutionary War with Britain in 1777. General George Washington was impressed with Pulaski’s skills, making the immigrant a brigadier general. He distinguished himself as the leader of the American forces, displaying brilliance and bravery. For this excellence, he was honored. But now, more than two centuries later, its identity is changing. DNA analyzes of Pulaski’s remains suggest he was an intersex person with both masculine and feminine qualities. (Read more: I bring this to your attention, Pisces, because the coming months will be a good time to question and revise your understanding of your identity. May you be inspired by the evolving distinctiveness of Pulaski.

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