October 19, 2021

Graphic designer turns Google Pixel tablet patent into realistic renderings

GoogleThe latest Android tablet from, Pixel C, is already a landmark piece after its launch in 2015. In the near future, the company may finally decide to release a new one. Pixelated tablet after the patent leaked recently. On top of that, a talented graphic designer also brought the patent to life, giving it a design that matches the upcoming Pixel 6 series.

The patent discovered by LetsGoDigital was released by the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) in June 2021. It reveals a full-screen design with very thin screen edges and rounded corners extending backward on all four sides. As the patent did not reveal much, the designer Giuseppe Spinelli put his skills to good use and came out with a real render that looks several times more appealing.

Google Pixel tablet 1.jpg

Google Pixel tablet 2.jpg

Google Pixel Tablet 3.jpg

Google Pixel tablet 4.jpg

For the color scheme, the designer uses a similar gold from the recently announced Pixel 6 Pro. To make it even more realistic, Spinelli adopted the Android 12 user interface for the tablet. There’s also a hole-punch camera located at the top middle of the screen. The tablet also has the same power and volume buttons as the Pixel 6 series, with two stereo speakers at the top and two at the bottom. For charging, it uses a USB-C port.

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